Humanitarian Hayden

Oklahoma wind,

we fly n Thunder,

Kevin Durant,

"tis the sky i wonder"

over and over,

Westbrooke stole it

glory informer ,

he next and he 

wants it

stunning’ and grown’

fly over state no more and

our sky is now important.

Move slow when you

soaring, we heavy like

Serge, mass motions

minimal pollution,

hoarding the east

and the west 

like dorms is.

Solute to the Useless

OKC get down, get


The floor

is now a sight for 

tourists … We have no

seats so lose it.  

Cook N Burnt

Perkins Re-Fuel it.

more pixilating :)

more pixilating :)

Mexican, underwater abstract…

Mexican, underwater abstract…


Why does life seem like a game to me.. Not just my friends, but even my family. To smoke some green its like I’m dodging limousines…. and SUV’s - - dodge the. C…O…P.’s.. right Behind Uhhh.. mother screamin’ at me. but then I’m like… Who really put it in the streets? Legalized for other peeps, in certain lines so to speak. but the lines that meet.. Act nothing like a street. More like railway stations, just haul it where you need it.. Human Segregation. government pride and no retaliation.. putting things under and over just to achieve it.. forget about our needs, can you believe it? did god make weed only for some to relieve with, in certain places? while others pay payments? get arrested for days and treated like criminal patients? weeds embedded in me like a saying, but I’m a criminal, where I’m staying ..




See it Believe it Reprieve it. And eat it. Bow to your knees Its… HH making plates, Yes. Hate it cause you Relate with.. But too fake to stay with, More like related, Im free and you caged in. Imma’ rappin Domination Freestyle occupated, Not laying, I’m paving.. Set in Grin call me Hayden …. Happy as shit.. And ill put it on yo pavement I’m crraaazinn. To find my flow…. I’m aiming at nothing But more..

I’m high.. I’m gone ..can’t be right.. its wrong.. how i do when I’m on … Ain’t doin it for fun This my job and…. This I won.

Sketching in a Beautiful Field.
Thank God my girl goes to this school..

Sketching in a Beautiful Field.

Thank God my girl goes to this school..



conceal the heat.

pride rubbin off 

the soles of 

my feet.

we all aiming 

at death, so 

to speak.

But I aint dead yet.

And i’m doing this

without the needs, 

needed it seems 

in order to gain 

respect and do as

you please. 


controlling me

quit. i’m writing,

not spitting to get

this off my chest.

see  ..  imma’ be

the best with the less.

starting from the beginning

it goes somethin’ like this

Got somethin in me

goes from zero to

fifty quicker than

a punch and a nosebleed.

Jekyll wants free

this devil has had 

ahold on me.

i’m letting go. 

i’m letting go.

all that i’ve heard and 

all i’ve seen,

makes me know

i’m a victim who is

letting you hear it 

in some flows all free.

That time is no more.

pray to god so my

time don’t go short.

All this money and 

clothes got this world

stuck and froze..

i mean that.. 

like how you think

i get what i’ve 


In no kitchen or a stove.

I received from above

through pain but it’s all love.

Meant to be, i’m sent directly.

Times been hard but never

gave up easily. I speak 

real neat to these that 

 feature my writings

on their screens.

technology baby done

it again and i’m free

like elvis when he swings.


you should be happy I’m stubborn, who wants misery and too many options, I’m stuck in whatever closes.

com’mon, I ain’t stopping, pedal on lock-down with this timbaland beat mobbing. Mafia in my heart, govern out what you regarding I’m too far from crawling.. even as a baby I stood tall, like these rappers on the wall, looked up to since I heard bass from a car. bonecrushers and nate Dogg when I look back that far..

imma’ pistol in the dark, hit a target with my smarts. bullets made I create my own art, and shoot it to the world like throwing a dart.